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How Usage Is Measured

Check how measures the usage of each product you use.

At we want to ensure that you make as much money as possible and get a fantastic ROI when using our products.

That is why we have a flat pricing structure, that is based solely on how much you use the products, instead of taking a cut of the sales you make.

You can always find the pricing of each product here


The pricing model works by putting you in an "up-to" tier where you can show a maximum amount of results equal to the tier.

Should you temporarily go over your tier, you will not be billed extra. We will always check if your over-usage is permanent by looking at the average usage over 3 months.

If you are on the wrong tier, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will reach out to you and discuss your plan.

Your CSM will also review your account and make sure you get the expected ROI.


Usage is measured based by the results shown in the Instant Search and Search Page.

When a customer types in your search field and sees products in the dropdown, this is 1 usage.

Further, when they go to the search page to see all results, this is as another 1 usage.

If your monthly avg. amount of searches are 20.000, you will be in the "up to 25.000" tier.

In the Search dashboard, you can easily see how much money you make, when your customers interact with Search:


Usage is measured based by how many recommendations elements are being shown on the webshop.

For example, when a customer enters the Home Page with 3 banners, this is 3 usage.

If a customer enters your Bakset page where you have 1 banner, this is 1 usage.

If your monthly avg. amount of recommendations views are 200.000, you will be in the "up to 250.000" tier.

Due to this, it's important to place banners in a way so customers notice them, to maximise your ROI.

In the Recommendations dashboard, you can see the individual ROI of each banner you are using:


The Email product consists of two main features with their own Usage.

Email Automation

When you use to send emails, Usage is based on emails sent.

If you send 300 emails during a day, this will count as 300 usage.

If you send an avg. of 40.000 emails a month, you will be in the "up to 50.000" tier.

Email Recommendations Snippets

When you include Clerk.ios Recommendations in your existing emails through snippets, Usage is based on email opens.

If you have 250 opened emails with recommendations in them this counts as 250 usage.

If you have an avg. of 40.000 opened emails a month, you will be in the "up to 50.000" tier.

In the Email dashboard, you can see how much money you are making overall, and on individual emails/snippets


Usage is based on the amount of customer emails imported to

This means that if you have 22.000 customers in, you will be put in the "up to 25.000 customers" tier.

In the Audience dashboard, you can easily see how much your customers are worth as groups, while also showing you which groups you have the highest potential ROI on reaching out to:

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