Getting Started

Installing using Lightspeed

Adding the Visitor and Order Tracking scripts to get started with on your Lightspeed store.

Adding the Visitor and Order Tracking Script:

In, head over to “Getting Started” in the left side menu to find your Visitor Tracking and Order Tracking scripts.

Visitor Tracking & Order Tracking

Go to “Instellingen” > Website-Instellingen” > “Web Extras”.

The Visitor-Tracking script should be added to the “Custom JS” box , like this:

If, for some reason, this does not work, add the Visitor-Tracking script to the Tracking box as well.

The Sales-Tracking script should be inserted in the Tracking box:

Sometimes, same Visitor Tracking script should be added to a main theme file as well, like fixed.rain or header.rain. Place the script before the closing </body> tag if present in the .rain file you choose.

Be sure to update all of the placeholders in "data-sale", "data-email", and "data-products" with your correct order information, product IDs, price, etc. the same way they are referenced in Lightspeed.

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