Getting Started with Email Recommendations in Active Campaign

Showing product recommendations in your Active Campaign emails.

Before you start!

Make sure that you have made the initial integration on the webshop so that is synced with your product catalog and order history.

1. Create an Email Design

The first thing you have to do is create a Design for your emails. You can create as many different designs as you want and each Design can be used across many different recommendations blocks.

Check out how to style Email Designs here.

  1. In backend, head to the menu on the left hand side and select Email -> Designs.

2. Click New Design.

3. Selectthe design type, the type of content and Name the design. Then click Create Design.

4. Add to or modify your email design, then Click Publish when you are happy with your design.

Each type of Email recommendations should have its own Content block. These Content blocks control how many products to show, which logic to use, if any filters should apply, etc.

2. Create Your First Email Content

Read more about working with Email Content here

1. Go to Email.

2.Click Content and Add Email Content and give it a name .

3. Give a Name to the email content and Set the goals that you would like to accomplish with this Email content, in order to choose the correct slider for your specific situation. After that, Create Content.

4.The Product logic would be chosen depending on your goals, but you are always more than welcome to change it.

5. Select the Number of products you want to show and choose one of the designs you have created. Click Update Content to save your changes.

3. Get the Embedcode

1.Under Insert into email, choose Active Campaign as the E-mail Platform.

  1. OPTIONAL: Depending on the Content Logic you have chosen, you might need to add extra data like keywords or a category ID.

3. Click Copy Embed Code To Clipboard on the Content page.

4. Embed the Recommendations in Active Campaign

1.In Active Campaign, go to Campaigns

2.Click Manage Templates and then Edit for the template you want to edit.

3.In your template, drag an HTML Block to the part where you want Recommendations to show:

4.When clicking the block, you will see a popup. Insert the embedcode here, and click Save:

5.Recommendations will now show:

Congratulations! You now have Email Recommendations in your Active Campaign template!