How to avoid blocked product images in your Email Content

See what you need to whitelist to always allow images to be shown.

As you probably know, email clients do not support the typical HTML/CSS/JS that run smoothly on all browsers. For this reason, we use a little workaround to produce our Email product recommendations dynamically.

We use a web template engine called Jinja and, through this, we can dynamically print all the product attributes and styles as plain images with links. These pictures will be, then, displayed in your newsletters as product recommendations.

So, when you open one of our Email contents, our system call all the product data from our database beside one: product pictures. Those are taken live from your website.

If your server / hosting service comes with a strong firewall, our system may be blocked when fetching the product pictures and so produce product recommendations without the product pictures.

In order to avoid this issue, you need to do this in your firewall settings:

  1. whitelist our IP, which is available here.

  2. whitelist our user-agent, which is called clerk-XYZ.

  3. whitelist our Jinja user-agent, which is called webkit2png or wkhtmltoimage.

These three firewall settings should let our system fetch and render your Email recommendations correctly.