How to Fix Common JTL Errors When Importing Data to

See how to get Data Sync running if your JTL webshop returns an error

When importing data with the JTL plugin, the webshops generated feed is responsible for sending the product- category- and sales-data to

However in some cases, the feeds configuration might stop the Importer from getting access, causing an error in Data Sync.

Below is a list of the most common errors and how to fix them.

403 Server Error: Forbidden

This error happens if your server blocks the importer from accessing it. In most cases you simply need to whitelist the importers IP address to give it access. The latest IP address can be found here. Also check your public key, private key and import url are correct for the store you are operating within

What if I have already whitelisted but the same error still occurs?

There are a few instances when you have whitelisted the importer’s IP address, and the error still persists, then we recommend you look into these parts:

  • The authentication part of the body may be removed from the request from the shop’s server.

  • Rate limit for the server in regards to cloudflares.

404 Server Error: Not Found

This error happens if your webshop’s generated feed is no longer available.

This is solved simply by generating another feed URL. Copypaste the url and insert it in your data sync settings in the store in your account.

Why is all my products not in Clerk?

This usually happens when all products not included in the generated feed. Sometimes it is due to the host and capacity of the webshop can hit a maximum threshold for memory when a data feed is generated. You will most likely get an error like this:

Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate X bytes) in /FeedGenerator.php on line XXX.

The simple way to solve this would be to increase the memory cap for the host of the webshop.