Our Email Best Practices

Follow these steps and make your Email Marketing successful in no time!

You have subscribed to’s Email tool and now you want to make the most out of it!

This article will guide you throughout our Best Practices for the Email tool that will make your Email Marketing Strategy successful in no time!

1) Add Email Recommendations to existing flows

You likely already have an email marketing strategy in place within your email client.

You can easily integrate’s AI based recommendations through snippets embeddable in your existing email templates.

With these, your own email client sends the emails, but decides which products to show to each recipient.

With 23+ smart logics you can automate and personalise the products shown in any email you send. We recommend getting started with the below types

Emails Purpose Product Logic
Themed newsletters Show the most relevant items for themes like "Bulletproof supplements", "Star Wars Lego" etc. Keyword Recommendations, using free text for the theme
Category based newsletters Same concept as above, but using a dedicated category from your webshop Bestsellers In Category, using the ID of the category
Welcome Email Catching attention based on browsing before signing up Visitor Recommendations


2) Create Campaigns

Campaigns are completely automated and AI driven.

With this feature, you can pair customers segmented by interests, life cycle, amount of purchases and many other parameters, with specific products they are interested in buying.’s AI will then continuously find out who should receive these emails and the best time to send them, depending on each customer’s purchase behaviour.

We advise you to create at least 20 different campaigns: the more campaigns the AI has to choose from, the higher the chance of showing the right products that lead to conversions.

The criteria for setting up your Campaigns in should be pretty similar to other marketing and conversion campaigns you likely run with your advertising partners (such as Google and Facebook).

For your inspiration, you can find in the table below some best practice Campaign types, often pairing Email with Audience (*).

Campaign Name


Recommendation Logic

Best Sellers


Best Sellers



Best Sellers + filter on sale is true

Personal Recommendation


Visitor recommendations

Personal Recommendation - New


Visitor recommendations + filter age < 30 days”

Personal Recommendation - Orders


Recommendations based on Orders

Personal Offers


Recommendations based on Orders + filter on sale is true

Hot New Products


Hot products + filter age < 30 days

Campaign category - New

Audience interested in this category

Newest Products in Category

Campaign category - Sales

Audience interested in this category

Best Sellers in Category + filter on sale is true

Campaign category - Popular

Audience interested in this category

Best Sellers/Hot Product in Category

Campaign brand - New

Audience interested in this Brand

Newest Products + filter on brand

Campaign brand - Sales

Audience interested in this Brand

Best Sellers + filter on brand and filter on sale is true

Campaign brand - Popular

Audience interested in this Brand

Best Sellers/Hot Products + filter on brand

(*) This requires an active Audience tool subscription in

3) Setup Recurring Emails

With our Recurring emails feature you will be completely in control over when the mail will be sent and to which Audience.

As a unique feature, allows you to set up recurring emails that will be sent out at the frequency of your choice. 

Choose among our many pre-built product recommendation logics and send highly personalised recommendations that are updated automatically without the need for any maintenance.

Scheduling a recurring email

Some examples of great recurring emails are:

  • monthly email containing product recommendations based on the Order History of each recipient. This will keep your returning customers engaged with recurring personalised product recommendations.
  • monthly email containing your Hot Products. The communication will update your customers with the latest trends on your webshop. Since shoppers tend to buy alike because of the security of social proof, this will turn into a great source of profit
  • weekly email with your Newest products. Inform your customers about the latest additions to your catalog. You will be able to both increase the stickiness of Active Customers and possibly regain the attention of Slipping Away and Lost customers
  • weekly email with products on sale. Push your customers with time limited offers that drive great conversions

You can, of course, also send one-time email for special events, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Spring Sales and so on, with the products that you want to promote.

4) Implement Triggers

Triggered emails are completely automated and will be sent out by’s AI based on a given event triggered by your visitors or by changes to your catalog.

Triggers are an essential part of a successful email marketing strategy and they can generate up to 75% of the total email revenue. By setting up Triggers, you will save time and maximise the ROI of your email marketing. offers six pre-built Triggers which allow you to send high-converting emails according to customer behaviours and purchase history.

When creating a Trigger, will present you a list of the most effective product recommendations logics for each type of event.


Trigger event

Recommendation Logic

Abandoned Session

A visitor browses the webshop without placing an order

Best Sellers
Hot Products
Visitors Recommendations Visitors Alternatives

Abandoned Search (*)

A visitor made a Search without buying anything


The mail will contain the last product the visitor searched

Abandoned Cart

A visitor added at least 1 product to the cart, but did not finalise the purchase

Products in cart
Visitors Recommendations
Visitors Alternatives

Made an Order

A customer made an order

Best Sellers
Visitors Recommendations
Recommendations based on orders
Similar to Order History

Welcome Email

A user became a subscriber

Best Sellers
Specific Products
Visitors Recommendations
Visitors Alternatives

Newly Available Products

A new product is added to the catalog. The mail will be sent to any recipient that is interested in this product, based on AI’s knowledge

Specific Products

(*) This requires an active Search tool subscription in

5) Create customised designs

The consistency of email templates is a crucial part of building a successful email marketing strategy. As we know, consumers prefer to interact with brands that they can easily recognise or already know.

Whether you want to make a new design from scratch or edit a pre-built one, with’s intuitive Design Editor, you can create a completely customised design for your email that matches your company branding in just a few clicks.

The designs are fully responsive and they are ready to be used with any mobile devices.'s Email Design Editor

Remember to include rich product information such as images, names, prices, a call-to-action button and customise the template with your logo, header and footer.’s design editor offers you also the possibility to include links to:

  • Category pages. This will allow you to expose your catalog even more
  • CSM and Blog pages. This addition allows customers to find great contents that match their interests and will often lead to more conversions by placing you as an expert in your field.

6) Analyse and Optimise

Finally, it is time to analyse the results.

With’s intuitive dashboard, you can keep track of all the important metrics, such as open rate, click rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate.

You can then apply small tweaks and optimisations to your email marketing strategy as you go and achieve even higher conversion rates and return on investment.'s Email Dashboard


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