Handling Require.js in Custom Platform Setups (only for Clerk JS1 users)

Make sure that Clerk.js can be loaded when using Require.js

This guide only applies when using Clerk JS1.

In some setups, Require.js stops Clerk.js from loading, which means that no sliders or search results will be shown.

When this happens, the following error will be shown in your console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Clerk is not defined

There are two ways to handle Require.js. Both approaches requires you to make changes to the tracking-script, that you have inserted in the bottom of all pages.

Include “clerk” in Require.js

The best approach is trying to get Require.js to recognize Clerk.io.

You can do this by inserting require([‘clerk’], function() {}); in the bottom of the tracking script:

Ignoring Require.js

If the above solution doesn’t work, its possible to ignore Require.js.

You can do this by inserting window.__clerk_ignore_requirejs = true;

in the top of the tracking script:

After using one of these approaches, Require.js will now be compatible with Clerk.io.