Setting up a custom platform

Showing Recommendations in an Ajax Popup

Render Content after initial page load.

Using on Webshops with Multiple Languages

Create unique Stores for each language, to easily handle data.

Installing an Exit Intent Popup on Other / Custom Platforms

Exit Intent makes more customers stay on the webshop, instead of leaving

Manually Setting Up Live Search on Other / Custom Platforms

Help customers find the right products fast, with Search.

Manually Setting Up Search Page on Other / Custom Platforms

Help customers find the right products in your Search Results Page

Working with Website Content

Working with Website Content on Other / Custom platforms Content blocks are used for each individual part of, and can be controlled separately.

Sending Order Data from POS and ERP systems

See how to upload external order data to

Installing Sales-Tracking on Other / Custom Platforms

Optimise automatically with instant sales-tracking from your Order Success page.

Setting up Faceted Search Page Filters on Other / Custom Platforms

Let your customers browse the search page by narrowing down results.

Using Clerk.js to make API Calls

Clerk.js can be used to make more advanced API calls

(Legacy) Sync your data with JSON Feed v1

Check the required structure for the data/product-feed.

Converting Clerk.js 1 Designs to Clerk.js 2

See how to update your old Designs so they work in Clerk.js 2 with Liquid.

Inserting Clerk.js on Other / Custom Platforms

Initialise for your account with the Clerk.js tracking script

Setting up Recommendations on Other / Custom Platforms

Increase your avg. basket size and conversion with Recommendations

Tracking Visitor Emails Automatically

Automatically Send email addresses to as soon as visitors type them in on the webshop.

Upgrading from Clerk.js 1 to Clerk.js 2

See the steps you need to take to get the faster and more flexible Clerk.js 2