Installing an Exit Intent Popup on Other / Custom Platforms

Exit Intent makes more customers stay on the webshop, instead of leaving

The Exit Intent popup reacts when a visitor tries to leave your webshop. It pops up and displays interesting products, possibly converting a leaving visitor to a buying customer.


The setup is 4 steps:

  1. Create a new Content  for the exit intent in as shown below Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 14.49.47

  2. Choose the right logic for it - We suggest “Visitor Recommendations”.

  3. From Insert into website, copy the provided embedcode to the bottom of your webshops code, so its inserted to all pages .

  4. Add: data-exit-intent=“true” to the embed code you just placed. Like so:

    <span class="clerk"

Now you should have the exit intent pop-up when anyone tries to leave the page.

All recommendations containing the  data-exit-intent=“true” will trigger the exit intent pop up.