Sending Order Data from POS and ERP systems

See how to upload external order data to

For some webshops, it’s relevant to upload sales-data from other systems than the actual webshop, for example if you want to optimise the algorithm based on sales from a physical store, or B2B store. does not differentiate between orders from various sources - as long as you can provide an ID, a timestamp and a list of products that were bought, they can be uploaded:

You can upload the orders in oneof two ways:

  • With a CSV file as explained here
  • By implementing calls to our CRUD API, allowing you to send order data directly to your store in

With a CSV file you will be able to manually upload your sales at times where you want to, without coding.

The recommended approach is to use the CRUD API, as that allows you to automate the task entirely.

Simply add a POST call to the /orders endpoint in your ERP system or webshop, run the job at regular intervals, e.g. once a month, and you will be able to use offline orders to boost your online recommendations and search results.