Setting up Facets on DanDomain Classic

Make it easier for your customers to navigate your Search Page.

Facets are filters that that will be displayed in the side of your search page, to make navigation easier:

1. Start by logging in to your DanDomain Classic backend and go to the App. You might need to login:

2. Scroll down to Faceted Search:

3. in " Selector for target" write the unique class or ID of the container, that search results and filters should be inserted in. You can find this by using your browsers Inspect tool on your search page:

4. Should the class be used for multiple containers, you can specify the selector to be within another element like this:

5. From the list of facets, put a checkmark on the ones you want customers to be able to filter by. You can use Position to choose which order Facets should be shown in:

6. In Title, translate the name that will be shown for each facet on the search page and click Enable:

6. Lastly, click Gem in the top of the screen:

Facets will now be shown on your Search Page!

Adding extra attributes to Facets

Should you want to add extra attributes to your facets, use the Added Facet field.

1. Write the name of an attribute you know exists in your DanDomain shop and click “Tilføj”:

2. The attribute will now be available in Facets. Enable it in the side:

3. Lastly, click Gem in the top of the screen: