Uninstalling Clerk.io from your DanDomain Classic store

How to remove Clerk.io from your DanDomain Classic webshop.

To uninstall Clerk.io from your DanDomain Classic Classic webshop, log into your admin portal, then choose “Clerk” from the left-side menu. You may need to log into the Clerk.io app here.

After reaching the Clerk.io app, you’ll find a “General” section. To remove clerk, simply uncheck the box next to “Enabled” here.

You can also remove the individual Search and Recommendations products on your store by following a similar process. Scrolling down in the same section, you’ll find the individual options, and can uncheck next to “Enabled” for the appropriate options to remove them from your shop.

For example, to remove Live Search, you would uncheck this box:

If you’ve entered any Clerk.io embed codes into your theme files directly, be sure to remove these as well.

Be sure to also de-activate the webhook if it has not been done automatically: