Connecting your JTL Store

See how to sync your data to view your Store

The first step of installing, is connecting your store with your account.

After following these simple steps you will be able to see your Demo Store, which gives you a personal overview of how will work on your webshop, before setting up the rest of the system.

1. Add Store

After logging in to, the first thing you need to do is add your store:

Example of how it should look

  1. Write the Name and Domain of your webshop

  2. Choose JTL as the Platform and choose your Currency.

  3. Click Add Store.

  4. Once the store is created, then an email about your public and private keys will be sent to the owner of the accounts email.

2. Configure the JTL Connection

From the main menu of the Setup Guide, click Install Extension:

The next page shows what you need to do, to configure the JTL connection.

Go to your Clerk plugin in the JTL backend and add the public and private keys from the clerk store into their respective fields.

3. Sync your store

After allowing access, you simply need to synchronise your store.

Go back to the Setup Guide and click Sync Your Data:

Write in your stores details and click Start Sync

The JTL feed url should be made based on this guide Creation of Data Feeds in JTL