Installing using Lightspeed

Adding the Visitor and Order Tracking scripts to get started with on your Lightspeed store.

Adding the Visitor and Order Tracking Script:

In, head over to “Getting Started” in the left side menu to find your Visitor Tracking and Order Tracking scripts.

Visitor Tracking & Order Tracking

Go to “Instellingen” > Website-Instellingen” > “Web Extras”.

The Visitor-Tracking script should be added to the “Custom JS” box , like this:

If, for some reason, this does not work, add the Visitor-Tracking script to the Tracking box as well.

The Sales-Tracking script should be inserted in the Tracking box:

Sometimes, same Visitor Tracking script should be added to a main theme file as well, like fixed.rain or header.rain. Place the script before the closingtag if present in the .rain file you choose.

Be sure to update all of the placeholders in “data-sale”, “data-email”, and “data-products” with your correct order information, product IDs, price, etc. the same way they are referenced in Lightspeed.