Modifying the Magento 1 Extension

Check which files are most commonly changed

Adding/Changing Product Data

In case you want to add extra attributes or change existing ones for your products, you should find these files:



Product.php builds the product model, and lets you add simple attributes.

Productpage.php lets you create advanced logics for getting attributes, and use them in Product.php.

Check out this guide, for more information on adding attributes

Changing Category Data

Maybe you need to restructure category names, or remove specific categories from

In these cases, find this file:


This file handles which categories are included, and the data id, name, URL, and subcategories for each category.

You cannot add extra data to each category, but you can modify what is being sent.

Styling the Add-To-Basket Step (Powerstep)

The powerstep has a standard styling, but you might want to change it to mach your designs.

These files are used for the styling:




powerpage.phtml contains the HTML for the page while powerpopup.phtml is for the popup.

style.css contains the CSS for all parts of the extension, including the Powerstep.

You can use these files to modify the look of the Powerstep.

Modifying the Search Page

If you want to change the layout of the Search Page, add a slider to the no-results page etc. you need to find this file:


This lets you change the search embedcode, and other parts of the search page.

The titles shown in the Live-Search for products and categories can be changed in this file:


In here, simply translate Categories and Products to what you want to: