Full Installation of Clerk.io on Magento 1

See how to do an entire installation of Clerk.io on Magento 1 in just 11 minutes

In this video you can get a complete overview of what it takes to set up Clerk.io on a Magento 1 webshop.

It will guide you through the following steps:

Adding a Store in my.clerk.io

Each Store in Clerk.io is an isolated environment with its own data, API keys and Dashboard. The first thing you will need to do when setting up your Clerk.io account, is to create your first Store:

Installing the extension

You can download the latest extension ClerkForMagento from here:


The extension will let you sync your Magento 1 store, add all the necessary scripts and elements to Magento 1, and let you add Clerk.io elements to the webshop easily.

Syncing your Magento 1 Store with Clerk.io

To show results, Clerk.io must sync with the products, categories, sales, pages and customers from Magento 1.

This is done by configuring the extension in Magento 1 with the API keys to set up a Data Sync.

Now you are ready to start adding Clerk.io elements.

Adding Search and Recommendations

Frontend elements in Clerk.io consist of two parts:

  • A Design that controls the visual presentation of products. This can be changed to match any styling you want. Most often you will use 3 Designs:

    One for Instant Search, the Search page and Recommendations.

  • A Content that displays the products. The Content has attached embed codes that will be inserted on the right page automatically, when configuring the extension:

The Setup Guide will help you create Designs and Content while the extension lets you activate them on the webshop by automatically inserting the embed codes.

And thats all there is to it!