Upgrading the Clerk.io Magento 1 extension

Get the latest fixes and features for the Clerk.io extension


If you are using a version before 4.0.0, upgrading will break your Designs, since Clerk.js 2 will be used. If using an older version, follow this guide instead.

This guide shows you how to upgrade from previous versions of our extension, to the latest one.

You can download the latest extension from this link:


1. Save any changes to extension files

Before you attempt to upgrade, make sure you have either:

  • Saved the changed files locally on your FTP or

  • Made a backup of any changed files, that you can carry over to the new extension.

Usually, the files that most developers change, are Product.php and Productbase.php, which control product attributes.

These files are found here:



2. Deactivate and uninstall existing extension

Before attempting to upgrade, it is very important that you do this:

  1. Deactivate the old extension in Magentos System->Configuration->Clerk->Settings page. Simply set Enable to No and click Save Config.

2. Afterwards , uninstall it either through Magento Connect or by deleting the files

from FTP if you installed it directly here.

Otherwise, your Configuration page might stop functioning and neither extension will work afterwards.

3. Install latest extension

Lastly, install the latest extension again, and move any files you have backed up, to your FTP server.

Your configuration should be saved, even when installing the new version. Check System->Configuration->Clerk to make sure that everything is still there.

Now you have the latest version of Clerk.io for Magento installed!