Using Currency Conversion in Magento 1

Change the prices shows, to match the customers currency.

Currency Conversion in extension v3.0.3 and up

If you have an extension form pre v3.0.3, an update will be necessary in order to be able to use this guide. Here is the guide on how to update:

Upgrading to clerk.js 2 on Magento 1

From v3.0.3 of the Magento 1 extension, Currency Conversion is included by default, if you are using Magento 1’s standard conversion function.

Its added in -> Designs, with the formatter price_in_currency.

The helper can be added to your Design in the following way:

<div class="clerk-product-price">
{{ product.price_final_excl_tax | price_in_currency }}

The helper will automatically convert the price to the currency of the current session, and add the currency symbol.

Example output: