Customising Customer Data on Magento2

Sending additional Customer attributes to through the Magento2 Extension

Like with Products, Customers are represented with attributes in

By sending Customer attributes, you can use Audience as a Customer Data Platform(CDP) and create Audiences based on any attributes you send, like region, gender, tax-codes and so on.

You can read more about Magento2’s way of handling Customer Attributes here.

1. Start by finding out which attributs you have available, and what their Attribute Codes are. You can find this in in the Magento2 backend at Stores > Attributes > Customer.

2. Once you have the attribute codes you want, go to:

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Clerk > Configuration > Customer Synchronization

3. In Extra Customer Attributes, add a comma-separated list of attributes you want to sync.

4. Click Save Config.

5. Go to > Data and click Start New Data Sync to sync the new attributes: