Setting up Facets on Magento 2

Make it easier for your customers to navigate your Search Page.


Clerk.js comes with built in support for Faceted Search. Any product attributes you send to can be used as part of the Faceted Search.

To add facets to your Search Page, open your Magento 2 admin portal, follow the path Stores > Configuration > Clerk > Configuration, and scroll down to “Faceted Search Settings” to get started.

Enabling Faceted Search & Choosing Attributes

  • Enable your Search Page facets by selecting “Yes” from the dropdown

  • Next, select the attributes you’d like to include as Facets from the options listed in the Attributes box.

Multiselect Attributes & Titles

  • You can also add “Multiselect Attributes” as facets by selecting from this box.

  • In the “Titles” section, add a customer-friendly label for each facet you’ve added in the text boxes below " Admin", and choose the order you’d like each facet to appear under " Sort Order".

After following these steps, Facets should be added to your Search Page!