Setting up Magento 2

Using the Extension with Magento 2

See how to configure the settings of the extension

Integrating with Swiipe on Magento 2

Check how to activate’s recommendations on the checkout and enable customers to add the products directly to the cart

Upgrading to Clerk.js 2 on Magento 2

See how to get the flexible Clerk.js 2 setup on your webshop.

How to deactivate the synchronization of orders in Magento2

This article describes how to stop Magento2 from sending data on orders to Clerk.

Installing the Magento2 Extension through the Toolbox Script

Check how you can easily install the extension through SSH

Uninstalling the Magento 2 Extension

Check how to completely remove the extension

Upgrading the Magento 2 extension

Get the latest fixes and features from the extension

Using with Multiple Store Views in Magento 2 can easily be integrated in several Store Views that share the same Magento 2 backend