Showing custom attributes in your design on Prestashop

Any attributes you send to can be used in Designs

After adding custom attributes to from Prestashop you can easily show them any way you want in the Design.

Start by going to Designs in, and choose the Design you want to add your attributes to.

All the designs you create are stored in Designs:

  • under  ->Search

  • under - >Recommendations

(It doesn’t matter on which section you click to access the Designs.)

Each new attribute you want to add, can be written with this syntax:

 {% raw %}{{attribute}}{% endraw %}

Simply add this, along with any needed HTML, to your design:

Click Update Design and your changes will take effect immediately.

You can always check which attributes you have available, by clicking on any products:

  • under Data-> Products tab in the side-menu

  • Click on Details