Upgrading the Clerk.io PrestaShop Module

Get all the latest features and fixes with the latest version available


If you are using a version before 5.0.0, upgrading will break your Designs, since Clerk.js 2 will be used. If using an older version, follow this guide instead.

Important: Remember to take backups of any modified files, as they will be overwritten.

Start by downloading the latest version from this link:


Then login to your Prestashop admin and go to Modules And Services -> Modules And Services

On this page, do the following:

  1. Click Add New Module

  2. Click Choose a file and upload the clerk.zip file you just downloaded

  3. Click Upload this module

PrestaShop will now display a success message, confirming that your module has now been upgraded.

Thats it! Now you are running the latest version of the Prestashop module.