Tracking Orders with Pre- and Suffixes in Shopify

Check how to track order ID’s correctly when using Pre- and Suffixes

Shopify has released a new feature that allows you to add any characters before and after the original Order ID’s. This also means that the tag used to track these ID’s have changed.

As of October 9th 2020, this new way of tracking is included per standard in our Setup Guide. If you started using after this date, it will already work correctly for you.

If you are not tracking the correct ID’s in Tracked Orders it’s its easy to solve.

1. In you Shopify backend, go to Settings -> Checkout

2. Scroll down to Additional Scripts

3. Find data-sale in the tracking-code and replace order_number with order_name, then click Save:

Once you have done this, you will start seeing the Order ID’s being tracked including Pre- and Suffixes in Tracked Orders: