Setting up Shopify

Adding Sliders to the Homepage with Sections in Shopify

Check how you can easily add sliders to your Homepage, even if you can’t insert custom HTML normally in your theme.

Using with Multiple Languages in Shopify

Create unique Stores for each language, to easily handle data.

Using the Integration with Shopify

See how to manage the different features on your Shopify store

Upgrading to Clerk.js 2 on Shopify

See the steps you need to take to get the faster and more flexible Clerk.js 2

Using Currency Conversion on Shopify

Check how you can use a simple formatter to automatically convert currencies with Shopify’s standard.

Installing Sliders on the Frontpage with Sections in Shopify

Use the built-in Theme Editor in Shopify to insert embedcodes without Liquid.

Using with multiple domains in Shopify can easily be integrated in several domains in your Shopify setup

Working with Multiple Currencies in your Shopify Store

Make sure your revenue data is seamlessly translated to your dashboards when using multiple currencies in your webshop.