Connecting your Shopware 6 Store

See how to sync your data to view your Demo Store.

The first step of installing, is connecting your store with your account.

After following these simple steps you will be able to see your Demo Store, which gives you a personal overview of how will work on your webshop, before setting up the rest of the system.

1. Add a Store in

Each Store in is an isolated environment with its own data, API keys and Dashboard. The first thing you will need to do when setting up your account, is to create your first Store:

2. Sync your Shopware 6 Store with

To show results, must sync with the products, categories, sales, pages and customers from Shopware 6.

This is done by configuring an Integration in Shopware 6 and then use the keys to set up a Data Sync.

When your data has been synced, you are ready to see your Live Demo Store.