Choosing which Products to import on WooCommerce

Control whether to show products that are drafts, unpublished, etc.

Per standard,’s WooCommerce plugin only imports Published products.

This can be changed if needed.

The following file controls which products are imported to


In the file, locate the function called product_endpoint_callback.

In the $products list, under ‘status’ simply add any Status that you want to include, separated by commas:

If you do this, we strongly recommend that you also add an extra attribute to this file, which indicates when a product is not saleable, so you can show it in your Design.

Assuming you create an attribute called is_saleable which is either true or false, you can use it like this in Designs:

{% raw %}
{% if product.is_saleable %}
   <div class="in-stock">In Stock</div>
{% else %}
  <div class="not-in-stock">Not In Stock</div>
{% endif %}
{% endraw %}

Then go to -> Data and click Start New Sync to import the new products.