How To Fix the Links That Suddenly Point To The Backend In WooCommerce

Check how to get your links working again.

Every now and then, Wordpress / Woocommerce plugins mess up with the Wordpress rewrite rule.

The rewrite rule is the set of configurations that makes sure that links like this

becomes beautiful and SEO-optimised links like

and are actually reachable by you and your customers.

If your links do not work properly, do this:

1. Log in your Wordpress backend

2. Then go to: Dashboard –> Settings –> Permalink

3. Scroll down and clic on the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page without changing anything. That will overwrite the Wordpress rewrite rule.

4. Once the page has refreshed, empty your Wordpress cache (if any) then wait a few minutes. You should be able to see all your website pages again.

If after all of that you still cannot visit your website pages, get in touch with us at , we’re here to help!