Uninstalling Clerk.io on WooCommerce

How to uninstall Clerk.io from your WooCommerce store.

Disabling Customer Sync

To disable customer data syncing with Clerk.io, simply uncheck next to “Enabled” in this section within the plugin. You can find the plugin in your WooCommerce admin portal on the left-side menu, labeled “Clerk”.

Disabling Search & Recommendations

Similar to disabling Customer Data, you can disable each of the Clerk.io products by unchecking the box next to “Enabled”. Example below of disabling Live Search from a WooCommerce webshop:

Disabling the Clerk.io Extension

To remove Clerk.io from your store, first log into your WooCommerce admin portal, and choose “Extensions” from the left-side menu.

Find “Clerk”, and click “Disable”:

Once disabled, the option to Delete the Clerk.io extension will appear in the same location as Disable previously was.