Quick Guide to Email Recommendations Best-Practice.

This is a guide to the easiest way of getting the most out of you Clerk email recommendations. 

So you signed up for Clerks Email Recommendations and now you want set up your email flow to get the most out of it.

If you would rather watch a video, you can take the full Email Recommendations tour below.

Well heres the setup we see works best for most of our customers:

Basically we recommend you use email recommendations to:

  1. Fully automate your product newsletter flow

  2. Show relevant products in your regular newsletter

  3. Use triggered emails to get customers to return

  4. Use transactional emails to upsell

We will go through each point in a simple manner so you can get started.

1. Automated email flow

The automated flow should only use standard text and relevant products. The idea is to setup emails that show relevant products regularly, without you having to do anything after the initial setup.

We recommend that the email flow contains the following 4 mails:

  1. First day of the month:
    "We just got a lot of new arrivals" - People just got their pay-check and are ready to spend. (Clerk product logic: Best sellers with filter age < 60 )

  2. Next week:
    "Our top picks for you" - Personalised products recommendations based on the customer's purchase patterns (Clerk product logic: Recommendations based on orders)

  3. 1 week after that:
    "Look at what other customers love" - Recommendations based on what is trending amongst other customers. (Clerk product logic: Hot Products)

  4. End of the month:
    "End of the month sale - great savings" - Recommend your most popular items on sale. This way, you get tap into additional sales and clear some stock from your shelves. (Clerk product logic: Best sellers filtering for products on sale)

    It could look like this for example:

2. Relevant recommendations in your regular newsletter

Your traditional newsletter is a great way for you to display your news and interesting highlighted products, but what if that's not what the customer is looking for?

If you use personalised recommendations, you can get ahold of those customers as well. We recommend using:

  • Personal recommendations based on the customers purchase history (Clerk logic: Recommendations Based On Orders)

Place the recommendations below your campaign items to help customers that are looking for something else.

3. Triggered emails

We recommend you setup three types of triggered emails, based on customer behaviour, that contains the following recommendations:

  1. Abandoned Cart mails:
    Products you might be interested in (Clerk product logic: visitor recommendations)

  2. Order follow up mails:
    - 30 days:
    "Again, thank you for your recent purchase" - Recommend the most popular new products in your store (Clerk product logic: Best sellers with filter for age)

    - 90 days:
    "Hope you are well, a lot has happened" - Recommendations based on the last order and new arrivals in your store  (Clerk product logic: recommendations based on orders)

    - 180 days:
    "We miss you" - Recommendations based on their last order including great offers  and perhaps a coupon code (Clerk product logic: Recommendations Based On Orders And Filter For Products On Sale)

  3. Newsletter signup mails:
    The signup flow is also a great way to initiate sales. Show the customer some personal recommendations and some of your hot products to get them started (Clerk product logic: Visitor Recommendations and Hot Products)

Abandoned Cart mail

Order follow up mail

Newsletter Welcome Mail

4. Transactional emails

When you send the receipt, shipping info and possibly request for some feedback or a review, its also a perfect place for showing recommendations. Some customers might buy an extra product, that they missed.

  • "Products you might have missed!".
    (Clerk Logic: Recommendations Based On Orders)

For example like this:

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