Syncing Data

Real-time Synchronisation

A breakdown of the real-time sync.

Real-time sync is a great way of keeping your store backend up to date with any change, addition or removal of product data.

With the real-time sync enabled, is able to update your data in as you change it in your webshop backend, anything from a simple price update to adding or removing a product entirely.

This means will not have to run a full sync every time you change product data, big or small, saving you time to work on the rest of your webshop.


You can see when the latest change was last made to a product in the Data tab of your store backend under 'Data Sync Information'.


When adding a product through the real-time sync it will appear on your webshop instantly after it shows in the backend. Adding a product through the real-time sync does not include product ranking, this is completed as part of the full data sync that will be completed at least once every 24 hours, the time you have specifically set it to complete or you can trigger this manually in the Data tab in the store backend.


This feature is available a part of our following plug-ins: 

- Magento 1

- Magento 2

- WooCommerce

- Shopware 6

- PrestaShop

- DanDomain


We also have real-time sync available for Shopify.