Setting up Emails Triggered by Abandoned Cart

How to set up a Email campaign to be sent to customers after they abandoned their cart in your store

  • To get started with Abandoned Cart emails, head over to, choose "Email" from the left-side menu, then "Triggers" just below.

  • Click "New Trigger" in the top-right corner.

  • Name your Abandoned Cart trigger, and click "Create Trigger".

  • Adjust the Name and Tracking Labels as needed in the "Name your Trigger" section

  • In the "Choose Trigger section, choose "Abandoned Cart"

  • Double-check the "Choose product logic" section to be sure "Products in Cart" is selected. This ensures the email includes the exact products they had in the cart they abandoned.

  • In the next section, select the Design you'd like to appear within the Abandoned Cart emails

  • Finally, Set your Email subject, and the number of products you'd like to be displayed within the email

  • To preview the email, include the email address you'd like to send the test content, and any specific products you'd like to display.

  • Click "Update Trigger" at the bottom right corner.

  • Finally, be sure the toggle is set to green on your main Triggers page to ensure the Abandoned Cart email is sending appropriately.