Uninstalling from your Magento 1 Store

How to remove the extension from your Magento 1 webshop

To remove from your Magento 1 store, you'll need to disable the extension within your Magento 1 admin portal.

Log into your webshop's Magento 1 portal, then select "System" > "Configuration" from the top menu. 

On the next page, find "Clerk" on the left-side menu, and choose "Settings". From here you'll see "Clerk Settings" appear. Next to "Enable", select "No" from the dropdown menu to no longer enable the extension.


If you implemented using the extension, you can also disable the individual modules by similarly selecting "No" from the relevant Search and Recommendations dropdowns in this section:

If you installed any elements of directly through your FTP files, be sure to remove the appropriate embed codes from those files.