Posts in 2024
  • Search 3.0

    27.06.2024 in Product

    We are happy to announce that we have released our Search version 3.0, a significantly improved product based on our new search engine. At, we continuously review and enhance our products to match our customers’ needs and expectations. …

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  • New merchandising rule: “Adjust position in results”

    22.05.2024 in Product

    The new merchandising rule, “Adjust position in results”, allows you to modify the ranking of a product or a set of products in the results list based on their original position. Imagine you want to give more exposure to all the products …

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  • New merchandising trigger: target all email embedded recommendations

    02.05.2024 in Product

    If you use Email embedded recommendations, you can now target them all with a single Merchandising campaign. Before, it was possible to target specific Email embedded recommendations with a merchandising campaign, but not all of them at once. With …

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  • Target any query with a single Customized search rule

    16.04.2024 in Product

    Until now, our Customized search feature could only target specific search queries (either exact matches to the desired query or any part of it). This improvement allows you to target any search your visitors make by using a wildcard (*) instead of a …

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  • Email dashboards speed optimisation

    04.04.2024 in Product

    We have released some changes in our Email dashboards in order to optimize the data loading time. Thanks to it, getting the information you need to analyse your email performance should be faster from now on. Enjoy the improvement!

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  • BigCommerce: customer groups and pricing rules for B2B

    03.04.2024 in Product customers using BigCommerce as their e-commerce platform can now show different prices for different customer groups in their Search and Recommendations. So, if you use BigCommerce and have different price lists depending on …

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  • Search suggestions improvements

    04.03.2024 in Product

    We released some improvements in our search suggestions engine in order to provide more relevant suggestions to your visitors. takes now into consideration both the searches popularity and the search history, but considering only the last 30 …

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  • Category links in API V3

    01.03.2024 in Product

    Our API V3 supports now linking to category pages. This allows you to include category Recommendations in your site when using our Search 3.0. You can find more information in our API reference documentation.

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  • Customized search: UI cleanup

    27.02.2024 in Product

    As part of a general effort to review and streamline’s backend design and user experience, we have made some UI changes to our Customised Search section. The Customised search functionality remains untouched, so you can expect it to work as …

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  • UI improvements in our Synonyms

    19.01.2024 in Product

    We have released some UI changes in the Synonyms section in order to make it easier for the user to understand and use this feature. If you use our Search product, when accessing the Synonyms section, you will notice that: We have renamed the …

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