New Merchandising rule: 'promote in results'

Promote brands or products in search and recommendations with the new merchandising rule ‘Promote in results’.

This rule will allow you to have greater control over how much exposure your promoted products get in search or recommendations.

You can choose for example to show force 1/3 of the results to a particular brand (or any other criterias) when your customers search for products: this will boost the products in the organic search results to the top, but leaving space to other products as well. You can also decide to have half of the search results be products that are currently part of a promotion.

That’s the equivalent of placing selected products in the middle shelf, in a physical store. But you choose which criteria, and they are always relevant and personalized towards the search made by the visitors.

Choose the “promote in results” rule under your merchandising campaign. Then add the percentage of promoted products you expect to get in the results list after performing a search. And finally, select the products you want promoted.

We hope you will like it 😉