New Merchandising rule: 'promote to position'

Promote brands or products in search and recommendations with the new merchandising rule ‘Promote to position’.

We are happy to release a new merchandising rule: “Promote to position”.

This rule will offer you more options when promoting your products with For example, you can reserve the top 3 spots in search results for a brand that you have made a promotion deal with in your store. It will only show the products matching what is being search for, so the search results will stay relevant!

Get started with it by choosing the rule “Promote to position” in your merchandising campaign. Then select what products you want to promote. After that, you will be able to choose where in the results list you want the products to start displaying, and how many of them should be promoted.

Remember that “Promote in results” will only affect products that already belong in the result list generated by your merchandising campaign trigger.

Promote to position settings

We hope you will like it 😉