Data sync: modifiers and JSON feed v2

Improvements to our data sync

Here is a list of the new features we have released for data sync in the past couple of months:

  • Modifiers: this feature allows customised manipulation of the data synced from your e-commerce platform, configured directly in My Clerk. This can be used, for example, to create new attributes computed from existing attributes fix attribute types, or formatting, without involving developers. Check out our documentation.
  • Clerk JSON feed v2: improved json data feed specifications, which makes it easier to implement a data sync with a custom platform, in a more scalable and secure way. See the documentation for more details. Easier to implement (split into different endpoints for products, categories, orders, customers and pages)
  • Settings for partial sync, to be able to disable customers/orders/categories/products/pages selectively. This is available for all sync methods and can be useful for troubleshooting sync issue or when developing a feed for a custom platform.

New data sync settings