New merchandising rule: “Adjust position in results”

It allows you to modify the position of a product or group of products

The new merchandising rule, “Adjust position in results”, allows you to modify the ranking of a product or a set of products in the results list based on their original position.

Imagine you want to give more exposure to all the products from a brand (“My brand”) that appear when you search for a specific term (“t-shirt”) in your webshop. You don’t want to manually select a specific new position for those products, but instead move them up a little bit in the list.

That is exactly what you can do now with this new merchandising rule.

How does it work?

The rule calculates the new position of the selected product(s) based on their original position and adjusts it according to the percentage by which you want to promote them.

How to start using it?

To use this new rule, follow these steps:

  1. When creating your merchandising campaign, select the action “Adjust position in results” under the rules block.

  2. Choose the product or products whose positions you want to adjust (note that this rule only affects products already in the results list).

  3. Fill in the “percentage” input field to indicate by what percentage you want to adjust the position. For example, if a product is originally in position 10 and you want to promote it by 20%, it will move up to position 8. While an adjustment of 50% will move it to position 5.

  4. Set the “max depth” field to determine how many products in the results list will be affected by the rule. For example, if you set a max depth of 50, only the first 50 product results will be impacted. To ensure good performance and relevant results, we recommend keeping the max depth under 100.

Example of a merchandising rule to adjust the position of specific products