In Magento, the following file controls which products are imported to


In the bottom of this file, locate the function called setExcludeReason()

Each if in this function checks a Magento attribute to control whether a product should be imported in or not.

For example, if you want to be able to display products that are out of stock, simply remove the following line.

if (!$this->isSalable()) {
   $this->excludeReason = 'Product is not saleable';

If you do this, we strongly recommend that you also add an extra attribute to this file, which indicates when a product is not saleable, so you can show it in your Design.

Assuming you create an attribute called is_saleable which is either true or false, you can use it like this in Designs:

{{#if is_saleable}}
   <div class="in-stock">In Stock</div>
  <div class="not-in-stock">Not In Stock</div>

Finally, go to -> Data Sync and click Start Sync to import your new data.

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