Using in Your Store

Using Currency Conversion on Shopify

Check how you can use a simple formatter to automatically convert currencies with Shopify's standard.


Shopify's built-in Currency Conversion makes it easy to read the currency symbol and exchange-rate from the webshop.

By standard, Clerk.js for Shopify comes bundled with a formatter that will work as long as your 3rd party app uses Shopify's built-in currency object.

Include the formatter in your Design

You need to use the formatter in your Designs to convert prices

In Design Editor

1.  Create a Text component where you want the price to show

2. Add the following Liquid code to show the price based on the currency converter:

{{ currency_symbol }}{{ item.price | currency_converter }}


In Code Mode

1. In go to Search/Recommendations -> Designs and click Edit Design for your design.

2. Replace the existing money or money_eu formatter for prices, with currency_converter

3. Click Update Design.

4. You will now be able to see the converted prices and currency symbol in your design: