Using in Your Store

Using Currency Conversion on Shopify

Check how you can use a simple formatter to automatically convert currencies with Shopify's standard.


Shopify's built-in Currency Conversion makes it easy to read the currency symbol and exchange-rate from the webshop.

The following formatter will work as long as your 3rd party app uses Shopify's built-in currency object.

You can check this in your source-code by looking for "shopify.currency" and making sure it changes when changing currency:

1. Add the formatter

If you installed on Shopify after June 19th 2020, you likely already have the formatter. Start by checking for it like this:

1. In the Shopify backend, go to Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code

2. Find theme.liquid - this is usually found under Layout

3. Check for the formatter called currency_converter

4. If its not there, simply include it immediately after your key in the tracking-script, prepended by a comma:

formatters: {
currency_converter: function(price) {
var currency_symbol =;
var converted_price = Math.ceil(price*Shopify.currency.rate);
return (converted_price).toString() + " " + currency_symbol;

5. Click Save

2. Include formatter in your Design

Now you need to use the formatter in your Designs to convert prices.

1. In go to Search/Recommendations -> Designs and click Edit Design for your design.

2. Replace the existing money or money_eu formatter for prices, with currency_converter

3. Click Update Design.

4. You will now be able to see the converted prices and currency symbol in your design: