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Using Synonyms in Search

Using Synonyms in Search Check how to add words that should show the same results with Synonyms Stefan Lorenz Olsen

Sometimes, customers will search for products using various words that might not yet be part of your product-texts. 

Using Synonyms, you can make sure to customers find the right products, even in these cases.

To add Synonyms, start by going to Search Synonyms in the side-menu of, and click Add Synonyms:

Start by adding a new word that customers will usually be searching for - for example "jeans".

Then type in any synonyms that customers might be searching for, that should show the same products - for example "trousers,pants".

Now, whether customers search for "jeans", "trousers" or "pants", the products shown will match any of the words.

You can also add Directed Synonyms which means that a specific word should show the same results as your selected synonyms, but not the other way around.

For example, you might want searches for "ipad" to also show results for "tablet", but not the other way around.

This is done by adding synonyms to the Directed Synonyms box.

Once you are done, simply click Create Synonyms and your search function will be updated with the changes instantly.

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