Using In Your Store

Using the Integration with BigCommerce

Understand how to set up and customize your integration with your BigCommerce webshop.


Data Sync Settings

In, click "Data" in the left-side menu, then scroll down to "Data Sync Settings" to see your sync options with BigCommerce here.


  • After entering your BigCommerce store hash, client ID, client secret and access tokens, you have the option to modify the following:

    • Custom Attributes: if you have custom attributes used in your store that you want to sync with, type their values here as a comma-separated list (e.g., size, color)

    • Include Pages: to include your store's pages in your data sync to, select "Yes" from the dropdown here

    • Include Out-of-stock Products: to include out-of-stock products in your sync, select "Yes" from this dropdown option. Select "No" to exclude out-of-stock products.