Why are Recommendations Important for your Business?

Increase conversions with automated recommendations 

Recommendations work by showing the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. They can impact both conversion rate and average basket size by showing your customers specially selected items that could be interesting to them. 

Recommendations can come in many shapes and sizes, and your choice of which to use can depend on where they are placed on the site, or whether or not a customer has visited your webshop before. 

Some examples of recommendation types and where they can be placed:

  • Other customers also liked - product page to show similar products 

  • Accessories - product page or basket step to show similar products

  • Personalised products - almost anywhere to show items based on customer click-history or purchase history

  • Trending - front page, particularly for new customers whom you have no history on

In general, recommendations should be used to help the customer to find the perfect product and when then to help them find more things they love.

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