Working with Email Content

Email Content Content blocks are used for each individual type of Email Recommendations, can be controlled separately and makes it easy to work with Email Recommendations .

The Designs are stored at, and you only need to insert an embed code into a template in your Email Client.

Any number of Content blocks can be based on a single Design, or you can create separate Designs for each Content.

You can check your existing Content, and create new ones, by clicking on Email -> Content in the side-menu:


Each unique Content block is controlled by its own settings. You can choose a unique name for all Content blocks, which will also function as its tracking label.

Each Content block’s Settings page is divided into four sections that you can access by clicking Edit Content.

1. Name your content

Controls the Name and tracking Labels for the Content block.

2. Choose product logic

Defines which type of products should be displayed in the Content.

You can also control whether any Filters should be applied, if, for example you only want to show products above or below or certain price, or from a specific brand.

3. Select design

This lets you choose how many products to show, and which Design to base the Content on. If you have a title/headline variable in your design, you can add the titles to be shown for the Content here as well.

4. Insert into e-mail

Content blocks are attached to an embedcode which will show them in your email template.

Simply choose your E-mail Platform from the platform, and copy the embedcode and insert it to your email template where they should be shown

Note that embedcodes might need extra info like keywords or category IDs , depending on the logic: